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The "Laurissilva" - A Unesco world heritage site!
By Jorge Barbosa
Jun 6, 2008 - 7:29:56 PM

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Visitors to the Nature Park witness some of the "wildest nature" available anywhere
The importance of the Laurissilva WHS status.

According to several authorities the classification of the "Laurissilva" as a World Heritage Site is of great importance to Madeira and Portugal. Bazenga Marques, the Regional Secretary for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, affirmed that once the Laurissilva acquires World Heritage Site status financial aid in the form of nature conservation funds would be made available more easily to the local authorities to further promote, protect and preserve the treasured forest. The government representative went on further to mention that this programme will help incentivise more the local population to the importance of furthering nature conservation.

The Laurissilva forest covers large areas of the island of Madeira. (Source: "Conheca o Parque Natural da Madeira")
Who controls or administers the area of the Laurissilva?

The Laurissilva is an area controlled by the government authority known as the "Parque Natural da Madeira" or "Madeira Nature Park". It is competently administered by Henrique Costa Neves (also the co-author of the book "Conheša o Parque Natural da Madeira"- translated as "Getting to Know the Madeira Nature Park").

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