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The "Laurissilva" - A Unesco world heritage site!
By Jorge Barbosa
Jun 6, 2008 - 7:29:56 PM

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How many years was this tree witness to splendid isolation in a remote part of the island? A splendid example of the jewels of the Laurissilva. (Photo - Tourism Department)
The Laurissilva qualification as a World Heritage Site

According to the director of the Parque Natural da Madeira (Nature Park of Madeira) the Laurissilva qualifies for two of any single four criteria needed to elevate the nature reserve to World Heritage Status.
Henrique Costa Neves elaborated on the two criteria that qualifies the Laurissilva:

First, as a nature site whose importance is that it exemplifies the ecological and biological processes underway in the development of a unique ecosystem and community of fauna and flora

Secondly, being a nature reserve conserving fauna and flora that are subject to extinction in its own natural environment and whose preservation helps maintain the ideal goal of maximum global or universal biodiversity, not only for future conservation and protection, but also for scientific research


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