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Gay beach in Canišo

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Directions to the Portinho Beach in Canišo de Baixo

Go to Canišo de Baixo, on the "Estrada Avelino Pinto", near the Riu Hotel. You will come to the roundabout which you need to go straight across and up the hill. You will see a sign saying "Pestana Atalaia Aparthotel". Follow this along the "Estrada do Portinho". Eventually, and on your right, you will the rear of a  yellow building - this is the "Pestana Atalaia Aparthotel".

Carry on to the bus shelter (on your right) and turn right there. The "Pizzaria Pico da Atalaia" should be on your left. Park here or nearby to here.

Walk down the road, watching out for another sign telling you that the "Pestana Atalaia Aparthotel" is to the right of you.

Walk down past the "Pestana Atalaia Aparthotel" to where a lane is found - called "Travessa d˛ Portinho" and walk to the bottom where you will cross over a little concrete foot bridge.

Walk up the hill over some waste ground until the edge of the cliff where you will come to a gateway in stone.

Go through here turning left and walk carefully down to the derelict house. Past this house you should be able to find your way onto the beach.

Remember, take everything you brought to the beach back away with you. Do not leave any litter on this beautiful and unspoilt piece of Madeira.

You could find the odd straight couple there but they are harmless.










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