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Santo da Serra Golf
By Jorge Barbosa
Jun 8, 2008 - 2:03:15 PM

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A short history


The “Clube de Golfe do Santo da Serra”, often referred to as merely “Santo da Serra Golf”, had it origins just prior to the breaking out of the second world war – cerca 1937, albeit that golf was practiced adjacent to where the current golf course lies when the property there formed part of the now defunct “Pousada da Serra” hotel.

Credit is given to two English brothers of the Miles family (well known for their wine production and other business interests on the island) for initiating the course. The course comprised nine holes and was mostly used by the expatriate community and their Portuguese friends. Indeed, when the course was inaugurated, the huge Portuguese flag shared the wind with an equally huge British flag to represent the two interested parties in the recent development.

From 1967 the course operated under the auspices of the National Portuguese Department of Education. In 1998 under concession granted by the regional government a private company assumed management and control of the course. They pursued the total revamp and expansion of the course so that by 1991 two complete 9 hole circuits were available, the “Machico” circuit and the dramatically beautiful “Desertas” circuit – both adapted and built upon the original 9 holes of the now defunct “Favellas” circuit. And who else was invited to design this new course? None other than the hugely successful golf course design machine Robert Trent Jones.

Two years later Mark James won the first Madeira Island Open – a tournament that is now a staple of the European PGA tour.

In 1996 the regional government ceded concession of the course management and development to the “Clube de Golfe do Santo da Serra” which was confirmed and notarised in 1998.

In October of the same year an additional 9-hole circuit was inaugurated – the “Serras” circuit to complete the current 27 hole course we see today.

Also, under the new management, the golf course’s first purpose built clubhouse was inaugurated in 2000.

It may be also interesting to note that the “Clube de Golfe do Santo da Serra” was also responsible for the creation of the very recent and new Porto Santo golf course.

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