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The legend of "Machim"

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The legend of Machim and the possible first discoverers of the island of Madeira.

The legend goes that in the reign of King Edward III (1327 -1377) a young commoner Scotsman, Robert Machim, living in London besotted himself over a young gentlewoman, Ana de Arfet, from the English aristocracy.

King Edward III defended England from various Scottish Attacks.
Their love for each other became apparent to the parents of the young lady and it was hence forbade her to make any contact whatsoever with her disapproved young suitor. Indeed, the parents of the young gentle lady made quick preparations to court her with a more suitable candidate for husband from the English Royal Court. These arrangements met the approval and endorsement of the King of England himself, who had an eager interest in not having any one of his gentry mix into the hoardish Scottish blood from up north. King Edward spent much time battling the Scots and their leader King David II. The Scots were despised.

Robert Machim was never to see his dear Ana again. Their love had been strong for each other and their promises made to each other to never love another forced them to rupture themselves from the good society of London and possibly elope. In desperation Robert Machim mustered some of his friends up and kidnapped Ana to Bristol. Plans had been made for a voyage to France and a boat was made ready for their escape upon arrival in the port city. With a couple of the close adventurous friends they set sail at night - avoiding any undue attention that may reveal their true identities. They headed out towards their destination unawares of the immediate dangerous events to occur in the days ahead.










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