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A Passion for Colour
By Jorge Barbosa
Jun 7, 2008 - 2:33:05 PM

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Joćo Carlos Abreu : a short biography.

Born in 1935 Joćo Carlos Abreu attended courses in both accounting and economics at the Funchal " Escola Industrial e Comercial", he continued these disciplines at the tertiary institution " Instituto Jofre Ramalho".

At the age of 27 Joćo Carlos Abreu was admitted into the " Concilio Ecuménico" - the printing and media services of the Vatican in Rome, Italy, as a journalist. His status as a professional journalist was awarded by the same Vatican service in a certificate (nŗ 399) during his work there. He continued his media studies by attending the " Curso Superior de Jornalismo" at the Pro-Deo (The tertiary educational institution also known as the " Instituto Superior de Estudos Sociais") where he achieved "Honours" status for his studies.

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In 1963 Joćo Carlos Abreu participated as a member of the International Symposium for the Catholic Press in Rome. It was also in and around this time that he worked for the first time in the hospitality and tourism services industry: for 10 months at the Hotel Braklesham Bay in England.

He later became the assistant to the General Director of the "Madeira Sheraton Hotel" in Funchal. He also performed the function of Director of Public Relations and teacher of Public Relations at the " Escola Hotelaria da Madeira" - (Madeira Hotel School).

His passion for study soon found himself as a student at the "CIEST": studying a course in the renovation and recycling of animation events at the Glion International Institute.

In 1965 the "Star/American Express" Travel Agency opened in Funchal and Joćo Carlos Abreu was invited as a working partner or " Membro-Colaborador". In 1968 he leaves Funchal to study in Bolzano, Italy. It is here that he undergoes an intensive course in the Management of Business Corporations, whereafter he completes a thesis on the Dutch flower markets during a stay in the Netherlands.

In 1971 he is posted as the Director of the Hotel Lido Sol, and remains the General Director until 1972.

For 40 years Joćo Carlos Abreu has undertaken many journeys across far and distant lands. Studying and discovering many themes for the many different articles travelogues that he wrote during and after his travels.

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