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A Passion for Colour
By Jorge Barbosa
Jun 7, 2008 - 2:33:05 PM

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"Porta Aberta" - one of several publications by the artist
Biography of João Carlos Abreu (Continued)

His many published works include the following poetry and prose collections:

  • Sobre o voo da gaivota
  • Da Ilha & De Mim
  • Água no Mar
  • Porta Aberta
  • Ilha a Duas Vozes (with Maria Aurora)
  • Turismo das Culturas (prose)
  • Carta aos autarcas da minha terra (prose)
  • Dos Deuses ao Turismo dos nossos dias (prose)
  • Dona Joana Rabo de Peixe (prose)

"Agua do Mar" - a publication by the artist
Amongst many awards and other merits offered the following stand out:

  • the " Timone de Ouro"
  • an achievement award accompanied by the Recognition Award of the (Sheraton) Management Corporation
  • the Pontificate Medal - Pope Paul VI
  • President's Award - (Sheraton Corporation)
  • Personality of the year 1996 - Tourism (Awarded by the regional government of Madeira)
  • " Os mais de 89" award (1989)
  • "Personality of the year" (1981) - awarded by the prestigious Travel Magazine " Portugal - Turismo & Actualidade".
João Carlos Abreu has also commanded important positions in the local Regional Government's offices for Culture and Tourism (" Direcção Regional do Turismo da Madeira"), including holding positions as the Director of Events, Shows, and Animation for the Tourist Office, as Emigration Secretary, and now as the Secretary for Tourism and Culture in Madeira. A position which he has held since 1984.

Amongst some of his notable official work includes the creation of the "Cultural Tours of Europe" programme as an official member of the responsible commission for this project. He was awarded the "Liderman" trophy for this work in 1989. Related to this work he was also to receive awards such as the "Capri Trophy" (1991), Honours and Merit of the Brazilian Association of Hotels ( Honra e Mérito da Associação Brasileira de Hoteis).

As an artist in his own right João Carlos Abreu has participated and been member of many different cultural and social programmes locally, nationally, and internationally. Including being nominated a member of the Pen Club International in Canada, and as a participant in the 1997 Congress of Writers in Edinburgh, Scotland.

As a poet and writer he has been invited many times to participate in speeches and events all across Europe. Moreover, he was one of a select few of Portuguese writers to proffer a passage of text in the book "A David" - as a Portuguese publication paying homage to the figure of the great Portuguese writer.

João Carlos Abreu continues to live and stay in Funchal, Madeira.


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