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Paragliding: The wild orchid from the air
By Oliver R. Donald Guenay
Jun 5, 2008 - 3:53:57 PM

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On very special days we go up higher. That means those days with very little or practically no wind from the north in altitude.

Then we have the alternative choices - amongst three places:

Chão da Lagoa , a field inside of a natural park area, recently improved for take off, is situated about 1400 mts over Funchal, overlooking the coastline and city The pure gliding flight follows sometimes above the cloudline and takes you down to Funchals harbour beach, or, with thermals to any other landing area we have.

Take off area near Chão da Lagoa

The highest take off, called Poço da   Neve, is at 1700 mts. altitude and therefor just a few meters below of the road head at the Pousada Pico do Areeiro. It also gives a spectacular flight, especially frequented during the Rallyes.

On the High Plateau in the western part of the island, called Paul da Serra, around the location of Rabaçal, another few places provide good take offs, such as Pico Gordo, a cupola above the road.

Paragliding in tandem with a guest flier over the Lido area in Funchal


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