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Paragliding: The wild orchid from the air
By Oliver R. Donald Guenay
Jun 5, 2008 - 3:53:57 PM

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Beware of the north east prevailing winds at this altitude for they can bring you strong gusts and a low cloudlevel !

The romance and charm of paraglising in golden skies

Two other, particularly impressive flights for experienced pilots only (or, as a guest on a Tandem Glider) are Portela above Porto da Cruz on the northern side of Madeira, and the flight along Cabo Gir„o, the second highest seacliff in the world (take off at Pico da Torre).

And on the neighbouring island, Porto Santo, 75 kms away, there are 2 more locations that can get reached within a days journey (a day trip by ferryboat)!

Tandem paragliding over the harbour of Funchal


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