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Ponta do Sol
Ponta Do Sol - A Short Introduction
By Madeira Online Editorial Staff
Apr 29, 2007 - 3:38:12 PM

Ponta do Sol and it's civil parrish area of Lugar do Baixo has been said to be the Madeira Island's sunniest and hottest spots. Hence the name "Ponta do Sol" which means "Point of the Sun" in English.

The centre of Ponta do Sol and its northern civil parrish of Madalena do Mar were characteristic fishing villages in the past. Currently the cultivation of Banana has topped the economic activities of Ponta do Sol. The municipality and small beach front is shoe-horned at the bottom of a steep valley, the valley walls are overhung with banana plantations and new homes.

In this town you may find a nonpareil Baroque church, called the " Nossa Senhora da Luz" which was built in the 18th Centuary on the site of an older medieval structure, its best feature is its 17th centuary decoratve azulejos.

The village has a little beach with small grey pebbles which is highly sought after by the locals and tourists alike because of its perfect bathing conditions. The seafront lined with palm trees is a perfect spot to sit down and enjoy a drink

Ponta do Sol was first settled during 1425 and became a "Vila" in 1501. Ponta do Sol was highly productive in the produce of sugar cane. Some places worth a visit are the "Miradouro do Cascalho", "Miradouro Trigo de Negreiros" and the "Miradouro dos Moledos" all boasting spectacular views over Madalena do Mar, Lugar do Baixo and Calheta.

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