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Porto Moniz - A Short Introduction

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Situated on the North Western tip of Madeira, being the furthest village away from Funchal, Porto Moniz is a gusty brave little town. It still offers a great vantage point for fisherment to ply their trade. Whales were once fished from off this point (but not at the scale like that of Caniçal in the municipality of Machico). Today it is sought after for its remoteness and quiet by many tourists and day tripping Funchal folk who are attracted to the the newly introduced wider variety of cafés, restaurants and hotels. The village also boasts two sets of natural rock pool swimming areas and a small harbour.

Porto Moniz was originally named Ponta do Tristão after the headland and only renamed in 1577 to its current name. Because of its sheltered harbour from the Ilheu Mole the village was once a major whaling centre in the nineteenth century, Porto Moniz changed with a great impact of tourism in the late twentieth centuary and is now a thriving wine growing and fishing region.

This village is well known for its natural rock pools which get generally warm in the summer. Tourists and locals alike come from all over the island to enjoy these natural pools and its clear waters A new promenade has been made that connects the pools to the pier, alongside this you may find green areas, snack bars and the Living Science Centre (centre showing international and national science related displays).

It is also recommended that you take a drive up to the belvederes " miradouros" where you will see some spectacular and dramatic views that are not to be missed. The road to the miradouro also takes you to the start of a marvelous levada walk, the Levada da Central da Ribeira da Janela. Temperatures in summer are generally warm and hot during the day getting cooler as night falls.










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