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Porto Santo - The Basic Facts
By Philip Fiske de Gouveia
Sep 5, 2007 - 1:44:35 PM

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Like its neighbouring island Madeira, Porto Santo has a fairly stable climate throughout the year with temperatures averaging roughly 22 degrees Celsius in the summer and 16 degrees Celsius in the winter. The sea temperature rises from a low of roughly 16 degrees Celsius in April/May to a high of roughly 24 degrees Celsius in October. Rainfall on Porto Santo is low and the weather is often dry and sunny (so its important to have sun protection). The various windmills and wind generators on the island are testament to the fact that Porto Santo can be windy. Low cloud known as ‘capacete’ (meaning ‘helmet’) will sometimes hang over the island through the middle of the day before clearing in the afternoon. The year-round warm climate means there is no bad time to visit Porto Santo, although the island can be windy during the winter and spring months (November to April). Because of the summer sun, however, the island is very popular with Madeirans during July and August and can get a little crowded.

Daylight hours don’t vary as much as in Northern Europe - it gets dark at around 6pm in winter, and 9:30 pm in the summer.


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