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Madeira on the Rocks...
By Oliver R. Donald Guenay
Jun 5, 2008 - 11:34:55 AM

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The pursuit of mountain climbing is gaining fans with the local population

In May 2000 the first mountain shop opened in Funchal. ô Montanhaö, lead by two young climbers, Marco Quintal and Duarte Silva,  offering equipment and advice to local and  maybe other european climbers.

Knowing the fact that climbing here is quite unknown to   foreigners (although it would be worthwile) and in order to promote this sport safely, I started an initiative to equip a place on Praia Formosa with solid belays and 5-6 bolt - routes to use it for climbing courses.

A typical mountain trail in the areas around Pico do Arieiro

There is still lot to be done: for example, maybe one day,  a nice route will lead across the north face rocks of Pico Grande, the largest unconquered wall on Madeira with a possible grade 7b difficulty. Or a climbing area with routes on Ponta da GalÚ will be done which could be  accessible by boat or walk.


However, if you are interested and

Want to join rock climbing, contact

Montanha, Tel. 291 222 105, Duarte or Marco, at Rua da Carreira, 103, Funchal.



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