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Santana - A Short Introduction

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Santana is a beautiful village, named after St. Anne, and is familiarly depicted in guides as the area with "A" frame homes. These images point to the typical, stone-walled thatched roof houses found in the area.

Santana sits gracefully on the Northern coast of the island where the climate is generally wetter and cooler than the southern coast.

The village offers impressive mountain scenery for its visitors.

Inland from Santana lies the " Queimadas", which is one of Madeira's most enchanting and least spoilt forest areas.

This Laurissilva Forest was classified by UNESCO as a 'World Heritage' site. The damp air found here at the Queimadas accounts for most of the greenery. The village is also well know for its festival in the second week of July known as " 48 horas a bailar" or the "48 hours non-stop dancing festival" in English.

The new Santana theme park opened in October 2004 offers attractions pertaining to culture and traditions and should not be missed by either the young or the old.

Santana has several popular and attractive sites to visit. Here is a short list of some of them:

• Public gardens at the largo Alfredo Menonça ( Vila )

• Gardens near the Câmara of Santana

• Miradouro do Pico

• Miradouro da Vigia

• Parque florestral do Pico das Pedras

• Parque florestral das Queimadas










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