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Surfing safely in Madeira
By Jorge Barbosa
Jun 5, 2008 - 5:12:09 PM

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Although the competitions take place on the south coast the surfing enthusiast will find as good if not sometimes better waves on the north side of the island. Albeit less life threatening. The shores off the Madona and Bruxas beaches are the best. They form part of the littoral that stretches between the village of São Vicente and the most northern westerly village of Porto Moniz. Probably the most popular surfing spot has become precisely the Feijã da Areia in São Vicente. Another favourite on the north is the less than developed surfing spot of Ponta Delgada - further east of São Vicente. These locations are normally the choice of spots for experienced surfers. The strong sea currents and the ebb and flow of strong gushes of sea water against the contorted and walled north coast makes for complicated and challenging surfing as waves easily change direction and flow quickly. The shores on the North of the island are also the most beautiful to watch the surfing from (if that be your pleasure).

But as for the surfer the scenery is somewhat incredible. High sea cliffs uncommonly tumble into small landfills on the basalt shoreline along several points on the north coast. The horizon is intertwined by complex wave movements and green flora from off the mountains. The verdejante colurs swell into the blue, and the wave foam white complements the sky clouds and white naked ambition of the energised surfer. If it be your pleasure to suck nature and life from its shell then take that surf board and track that big rider now. Or else bring your flash digital video camera and start wishing you could surf like the big boys - one day....

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