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The secret is out!
By Jorge Barbosa
Jun 5, 2008 - 4:48:24 PM

The secret is out. Alas! The world surfing championships as an event in late January is causing a stir on the shores of two sleepy(-ish) villages in Madeira. The surfing sports world is focusing their attention on the world championship event that takes place early in the year. A unique event that helps to energise further the new "joie de vivre" in Madeira. That is, as another step the island is undertaking to unshackle its more traditional role of a holiday destination for older people. The young and vibrant are dressing up their colourful lycra and making waves....

The island shores were "discovered" by Portuguese surfing enthusiasts and professionals approximately four years ago. Subsequent to that discovery the word spread in the Portuguese surfing community - up to Brazil. A dapper surfing team arrived from Rio de Janeiro, ever so keen to hunt for the next big thing or big "rider". They pearl-dived, they ripped the waves, they tail slided and engulfed the swells. The approval rating was high!

More surfing fanatics and experts visited thereafter and approvingly gave their heartfelt exhilarated thumbs up to the excellent surfing conditions in Jardim do Mar (a village some 40 minutes drive from metropolitan Funchal), Paul do Mar and the beach of Ponta Pequena - both next to or close to Jardim do Mar.

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