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Free Wi-Fi in Madeira

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Wifi MadeiraIf you are like many visitors to the island and you find it absolutely necessary to check your email, keep abreast of your travel plans you made online maybe, or perhaps the way your stocks are faring, or just to receive that all important picture from a loved one or that cash deposit on your online banking account, you might want to make a note of this web site now:

The site provides a detailed list of its fifty or so hot spots - from the very first one they established (at the airport of Madeira) through to the most remote one they have (at the promenade in Porto Moniz). A helpful guide available in both Portuguese and English is also provided for those needing some help in getting connected.

All hot spots cater for free internet access. At the time of the publishing of this article the administration of the ownership of the service had no plan to charge for the service in the foreseeable future. The company that provides the service is called "Cabo TV Madeirense" - the local cable television operator and is a company itself owned by another called "ZON". ZON was formerly operated and owned as part of the behemoth of the Portuguese telecommunications industry called "PT Multimedia". This fact is important in that it underlies the importance of the very good infrastructure that supports the service. PT Multimedia was arguably the premium and foremost provider of internet services in Portugal before its institutional breakup from Portugal Telecom. Notwithstanding the recent changes to the ownership of the services the wifi-madeira service should continue providing an excellent service in major public areas in all of the municipalities of Madeira including the island of Porto Santo.










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